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Learning outside the classroom!

Our School Excursions focus on aspects of learning that are better taught by taking your students outside of the classroom and doing something a little bit different.

There is something for everyone and many different aspects that our climbing walls can help your students work on. If you want to develop your students in a specific way or provide a study reward then Hardrock Climbing has something for you!


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Excursion Benefits




Our Climbing walls are great for letting students challenge themselves by their own choice. Our instructor team are always on hand to provide support and encouragement giving your students the confidence to push themselves a little further.



At Hardrock Climbing your students are encouraged to develop a trust for the safety equipment they are provided with and attached to. As peers provide support to one another they are encouraged to trust each other.



Climbing as a sport is fantastic at changing the narrative of a group of students. It is quite common that we see the quieter and more introverted students really standing out from the crowd when participating in climbing as a sport.



One of the best things about using Hardrock to assist your class learning outside of the classroom is that it is awesome fun for the whole group!

Year 7 - 12



It can be tough for your developing students when they move to a new class group with new peers they haven’t met before.. Hardrock Climbing excursions are a great way to introduce your students to each other in a fun and engaging environment that helps them to embrace their developing personalities.



Through grades 7-12 we are focussed on developing the techniques and physical skills used to be able to perform within the sport of climbing. Physical developments made through the sport of climbing are often not climbing specific and can benefit the students with their personal development in many other sports.



Stressors from studying can take a toll on our students and this can affect their ability to deliver to their full potential. Our excursions are a great way to assist students to take a fun break from the studying so they can recharge and perform at their absolute best.



Your students work exceptionally had to meet deadlines and achieve results in their study. We can assist your students by using an Activate Excursion as a reward for their achievements; giving your students that little bit of extra motivation. There is also nothing better than celebrating with an awesome fun and exhilarating experience!




Our climbing walls provide the perfect opportunity to put students’ knowledge of the human body, energy systems, physical education and safe sport practice to the test. Whether students are completing Units 1&2 or Units 3&4, our climbing walls provide students the ability to apply and extend their knowledge in a fun, controlled environment!



Our climbing walls can be an excellent tool for VCE students in particular, as they can provide a well-deserved break from studies. Our sessions can be conveniently scheduled into their weekly study programs, and allow students a wonderful tool to re-charge and re-focus to perform at their best.



Our climbing walls provide for excellent team building and personal development activities. In line with VCAL curriculum, our sessions provide students with opportunities to build their self-esteem, resilience, problem solving and interpersonal skills in an interactive and engaging environment!

Outdoor Education Groups



Our long climbing routes and top rope climbing are great for developing climbing fitness. We have a large selection of varying difficulty climbs to suit the needs of your group.



Our Climbing walls at Hardrock Climbing offer a huge variety of different route style variations that are great for learning different climbing techniques on. As part of your introductory session students will be taught how to tie into the ropes and how to belay safely.



We have many years of climbing experience within our team including experts on coaching belaying techniques, climbing techniques and climbing related rope craft. If you want your students to learn something specific let our team know and we can assist you to meet your learning objectives.

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Useful Resources

  • Climbing info guide

    A brief information document explaining the different types of climbing and facilities that are available at our Hardrock Climbing venues.

  • Reflections worksheet

    Secondary Education. Worksheet for after you have attended your climbing excursion to reflect on your experience. The Worksheet explores emotional development, physical development and social development.