Hardrock welcomes first time climbers; we will teach you everything you need to know to use our facilities. Anyone can have a go!
I have never climbed before. Can I just turn up?

Absolutely! When rock climbing one person climbs, whilst one person holds the rope (belaying), so you will need to come along with a partner. At Hardrock children must be 11 years or older to belay.

Can I make a booking?
Groups of less than 10 people do not need to book, just come on in during our open hours and we'll get you climbing!

What if I want to come by myself?
If you do not have anyone to climb with there are a few options:

- Auto-Belays: Our CBD venue has 4 auto-belay walls which have an automatic system allowing you to climb alone (call to check availability).

- Bouldering: Our Nunawading venue has a bouldering cave (bouldering is climbing at low height without ropes) with various routes/problems.

- Beginners Course: Sign up for one of our CBD Beginners Courses where you will be buddied up and taught all you need to know.

Types of Climbing for Beginners

Top Roping

Available at Hardrock CBD and Nunawading

The most common type of climbing that people do at our venues.

Top Roping requires both a climber and a belayer. Whilst the climber ascends the route, the belayer manages the rope to keep the climber safe. At Hardrock children must be 11 years or older to belay.

Our CBD venue has over 40 top rope "walls" (ranging from 5 to 16 metres high), whilst Nunawading has over 50 top rope walls (ranging from 5 to 14 metres high). Each wall has multiple different "routes", meaning each venue has over 100 routes to try, ranging from very easy to extremely hard.


Available at Hardrock Nunawading only

Bouldering is performed on smaller climbing walls that do not require the use of ropes, harness or a belay buddy - If the climber falls off the route they land on a crash mat which protects them. 

Due to the smaller size of the climbing routes in bouldering they are commonly referred to as "problems" and are often very technical in nature, requiring a specific set of climbing moves in order to complete them. 

Typically Nunawading has around 40 different problems to try.

Customers must be aged 15 years & over to participate in Bouldering.


Available at Hardrock CBD only

Auto-belays allow people to climb without the use of a belayer. Our CBD venue has 4 auto-belay walls which are 12 metres high.

Please call to check the auto-belays are available for use prior to arriving at the venue. 


How much does it cost to go Climbing?

Entry Prices

Do I Need To Bring A Belayer With Me

Climbing at Hardrock requires a minimum of 2 participants in a group. This is so one person can climb whilst the other is belaying. Belayers must be aged 11 years or older.

How Much Time Should I Allow

If you are visiting Hardrock for the first time, you will be required to undergo a Hardrock Safety Induction and Assessment process. This takes 15-30 minutes and upon successful completion, you are permitted to climb throughout the centre.

As a guide, we recommend allowing a minimum of 2 hours. Most visitors stay for 2 - 3 hours.

What Should I Wear

Loose / comfortable clothing e.g. shorts/leggings & t-shirt. Purpose-made climbing shoes are required and can be hired if you do not have your own.

What Should I Bring With Me

An extra pair of socks - to wear with our climbing shoes and a drinks bottle (both our venues have a selection of cold drinks and snacks available).

Any Questions?

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