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Work towards your Vertical Badges!

Hardrock has been working closely with Scouts Victoria to create a unique program that engages Scouts of all ages in learning about rock climbing through interactive games and drills that aligns with the Scouts Outdoor Adventure Skills pathway.

We can tailor the session for your group based on their age and where they are at in relation to their vertical stages. Our knowledgable instructors can assist groups and individuals achieve their relevant "I can" statements to progress towards their badges.


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Hardrock Vertical Program


As we know, Scouts can go at their own pace when working towards their Outdoor Adventure Skills Badges. Our Scouts program allows for this with 'side quest' games and activities that run throughout the activity for those individuals that wish to participate. This also means that if some participants wish to just simply enjoy the climbing activity as a fun adventure in itself, they are absolutely able to do that.

To align with the Scouts approach of 'youth-led, adult-supported', we also encourage the youth leaders to take the reigns as much as possible, and our instructors are on hand to provide assistance where required. 

Our role is to provide resources and assistance to everyone in the group including Scouts, youth leaders and adult leaders to enable a fun, safe and successful vertical activity. 


Joey & Cub Scouts

As it is a requirement to be 11+ years to belay (manage the ropes) at Hardrock, Joey & Cub Scout groups are required to bring adults to take care of the belaying. We recommend a ratio of 1 adult belayer to every 3 climbers to ensure climbers can get the most out of the session. 

Our instructors will take the adult belayers through the safety training at the beginning of the session while the climbers participate in a warm up & skills workshop before rejoining for the climbing activity.

Scouts & Venturers

Scouts and Venturers have many options within our program to learn and develop climbing skills while working towards their Vertical Badges. 

There are many OAS objectives that can be achieved through our Scouts climbing sessions from Stages 1-3, and we allow the flexibility for individuals to work through them at their own pace. Our instructors will be on hand throughout the session to assist. 

Pricing for Scouts Group Bookings


General Group Booking
(no OAS activities)

$18pp $100
Scouts Program Session
(host instructor & OAS activities)
$23pp $100
Abseil Session
(CBD only, max group size 12)
$25pp $100

Casual Entry Discount

We also offer a discount on casual entry for all active Scouts. Simply present your valid Scouts card and the discount will be applied.  


Joey & Cub Scouts 
(Aged 5-10)
$14 $2 $2 $18
Scouts & Venturers
(Aged 11-17)
$18 $3 $3 $24

(Aged 18-25)

$20 $6 $6 $32


*Scouts card must be displayed on entry. 

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