Membership Sale

By Hardrock | October 25th, 2021

Membership Sale

It's nearly time to get yourself active and get back on the walls! Secure yourself one of our limited release memberships to help you stay motivated throughout the next 12 months and crush your climbing goals.


Prior to reopening we are offering:
- 50 x 12-Month Memberships for $19.95pw (Usually $24.75pw)
- 100 x 6-Month Memberships for $24.95pw (Usually $27.75pw)


All of our limited release memberships include:
- Unlimited General Admission entry to any Hardrock Climbing gyms during our opening hours
15% Discount* in our Gear Shop
- Access to exclusive member only discounts on gear, courses and private instruction sessions


Terms & Conditions - Normal Membership Terms & Conditions apply. Offer starts on 25/10/21 and ends on 08/11/21. Presell direct debit memberships do not receive the 1 week of free climbing as per the normal membership terms & conditions. *excludes already discounted items and Hardrock branded merchandise. Transferring an existing membership with less than 3 months will incur an $11 transfer fee. It is not possible to transfer memberships with more than 3 months remaining. 


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Membership Specials

When will my membership start?

Our reopening memberships will begin on the 8th November 2021. 

I am already a member; can I move onto the discount pricing?

If you have less than 3 months less on your current Hardrock Climbing direct debit membership you can transfer onto the new membership offer without a cancellation charge being applied on your old membership but you will incur an $11 transfer fee. Contact us on if you wish to transfer your membership. 

What if I need to suspend my membership?

If we are closed due to Covid-19 restrictions your membership will automatically be suspended free of charge until we are able to reopen. 

Direct debit memberships can go in and out of suspension as much as the customer likes but the minimum time is 2 weeks per occasion, and the maximum allowance is 4 months over the year. Under suspension, your rate will be reduced to $5 per week. Suspension will commence the billing day proceeding your suspension start date.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

All memberships have a minimum term and run continuously until you notify us you wish to cancel it. A minimum of 4 weeks’ notice of membership termination must be sent in writing to

A $150 in-term cancellation fee applies to all direct debit memberships and if owing the membership will not be cancelled until the cancellation fee has been paid in full.