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Ready for an epic adventure?
What to Expect

Hardrock offers you the chance to improve your skills on a one on one basis or with one or two friends with your own Hardrock Instructor.

Private Instruction sessions are a great option if you have already climbed a little (or a lot) before and are looking to work on a particular part of your climbing technique.

If you are new to climbing and just want to give it a go we suggest participating in our Beginners Course rather than a Private Instruction (as much of the session would be taken up going through our Safety Instruction training for first time visitors rather than receiving one on one coaching).

Equipment & Pricing

Prices include a harness and climbing shoes for your use (if you don't have your own), along with the Instructor.


Private Instruction sessions must be booked in advance (we recommend a minimum of 2 weeks).


Private Tuition
Duration1 Participant2 Participants3 Participants
1 hour $60 - -
1.5 hours (recommended) $90 $135 $180
2 hours $120 $180 $240
Private Lead Course (2 x 2.5 hours)
2 People $395
3 People $495
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