Our Top 5 reasons to start the new school term with a climbing excursion this year

By Hardrock | January 27th, 2023

Our Top 5 reasons to start the new school term with a climbing excursion this year

1. Setting the social scene for the school year with their peers
As students return to the classroom after a break from their peers, it's important to create an inclusive environment that sets the tone for the year ahead. An exciting activity outside of the traditional classroom setting can help students transition back into school and feel confident and ready for the year ahead.

2. Trigger the bodies natural reward system for when they succeed
As students navigate the journey towards independence, their pre-frontal cortex begins its transformation. This critical aspect of their brain will eventually play a crucial role in risk assessment and the activation of the body's natural reward system. By engaging in the exciting and safe activity of indoor climbing, we can help stimulate this reward system (Dopamine) while providing a perception of risk that further supports their development.

3. Preparation for their upcoming school camp or excursion
Going on a school camp can be both exciting and intimidating for students, especially if it's their first time away from home or they're worried about fitting in with their peers. However, by participating in a Hardrock excursion before the school camp, your students will have a chance to mentally prepare and boost their confidence. The exciting and challenging environment of indoor climbing can help build resilience and equip your students with the skills they need to tackle any high ropes activities they may encounter during their school camp.

4. Establish a positive teacher - student rapport early in the year
By starting the school year with an excursion, teachers have the opportunity to build an early and strong rapport with their new class. Observing students in a different setting outside of the classroom can provide valuable insight into the conditions that facilitate their optimal performance.

5. Its fun! 
As experienced educators, we understand the importance of a positive and joyful learning environment. Research supports the fact that happy children not only display better physical health, but also exhibit improved academic performance, heightened emotional intelligence, and better behavior.

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