Changes to how you book | Thursday 22rd April

By Hardrock | March 31st, 2021

Changes to how you book | Thursday 22rd April

From Friday 23rd April we have made more changes to when you are required to make an online booking prior to attending our gyms. 

First Time Climber

If it is your first time climbing at Hardrock then you need to make an online booking

Returning Climber 

If you are a returning climber at Hardrock then you do not need to make a booking.

Nunawading Boulder Cave

Bookings are no longer required for the Bouldering Cave. 

Courses, Instructions, Youth Programs and School Holiday Programs

Bookings are still required as per the website information provided for each product or service.

For more information please see our quick FAQ below. 

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I have climbed before but I don't have my own harness; do I still need to book?

No. You only need to book if you are a first time climber at Hardrock. 

If we are part of a group and some of us need to book online do we all need to book?

No, you only need to book online for the people who are first time climbers.

I already have a booking but under the new rules would not need to make one?

If you already have the booking you do not need to do anything and can attend on the day of your booking as normal. Just remember to make sure front desk know you have already paid by showing them your ticket so you don't get charged twice. 

Also; there are currently no restrictions on how long you can stay and climb for when you arrive. (subject to venue opening hours). 

Is hire equipment included in my session booking?

No, hire equipment is not included in the price of your session booking. You will need to pay for the hire equipment you are going to use either as an extra or when you arrive at the venue. 

Do I have to arrive exactly at my booked session time?

If it is your first time at Hardrock it is important you are on-time for your session so you don't miss the safety instruction. It can be a bit of a wait for the next one if you do miss it. 

How long can I stay and climb for?

Unless stated differently when you make your booking you can climb for as long as you like on the day of your booking. (Subject to our opening hours). 

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